What Is An Industrial Oven

- May 18, 2017-

From stainless steel plate, cold steel plate, angle steel production, surface coating, the studio adopts high-quality structural steel plate. There are housings with and studios, the housing and the studios are filled with aluminum silicate fibers. The oven is formed, and the heater is mounted on the bottom, top or sides according to the actual situation.

Temperature control meter adopts digital intelligent meter, PT100 to control temperature! Through the connection of digital meter and temperature sensor to control temperature, the hot air circulation system is divided into horizontal and vertical type. All by precise calculation, air source is driven by the wind motor drive wind wheel through the electric heater, hot air will be sent to the air duct into the oven studio, and will be used to breathe into the ventilation duct into the air source recycling heating, so that can effectively improve temperature uniformity. If the box door is used in the switch, can borrow the air circulation system to quickly restore the operating state temperature value.