Type Selection Of Vacuum Belt Dryer

- May 18, 2017-

Domestic vacuum Belt dryer has been in the advent of nearly ten years, in the domestic pharmaceutical, food, biological, chemical and other fields have the corresponding enterprises in the actual use. At present, the domestic vacuum belt dryer manufacturers have not 10. However, the real design and manufacture and provide users with the ideal product of vacuum-belt dryer production enterprises are very few, most of the manufacturing enterprises do not have complete design and manufacturing conditions. The vacuum belt dryer does not seem complicated to see its basic structure and principle. Many pharmaceutical and food machinery factory feel very easy to get started, but really involved in this project is like blind intrusion into a difficult to find a clear direction of the maze, not only in their own deep ground in the inside out, occasionally a couple of customers also to other people together dragged down the water.

The main reason is that the technology of this kind of equipment involves a wide range, system configuration, manufacturing process and assembly requirements, installation and commissioning needs a wealth of practical experience, therefore, the design and manufacture of a qualified vacuum belt dryer only by one or two mechanical engineers or a few skilled workers are unable to achieve, especially many of the edge technology in the past static drying equipment can not be used, when design and manufacture completely in the vacuum dynamic drying state equipment, If you don't jump out of the original design, it's doomed to not succeed. This article describes the content of the vacuum belt dryer selection, design, manufacture, configuration, installation and debugging Essentials and after-sales service considerations, hoping to engage in vacuum-belt dryer manufacturing enterprises and plans to introduce this new type of drying equipment to help customers.