Oven Purchasing Considerations

- May 18, 2017-

Exterior inspection: The exterior surface of the paint should be uniform, bright color, no shedding, no dents or serious scratches, such as box door switches flexible, tight, no gaps, window glass transparency. A variety of switches, knob shape beautiful, processing fine. The dials are legible and easy to operate. Fake and shoddy products, often use counterfeit trademarks and packaging, or the Assembly will pretend to import original goods, the casing of uneven, rusty rust, rough appearance, a variety of switches are not flexible, the function is not obvious, power after the temperature is slow, not to meet the standard requirements.

Check the random attachment is complete: such as handles fork, baking pan, baking net. 3. Power plug: wiring should be firmly, grounding line intact and no contact bad phenomenon.