Industrial Oven Purchasing Considerations

- May 18, 2017-


Capacity to determine size specifications to meet production needs, high capacity. Can choose the crawler-type industrial oven, is we say drying line, tunnel furnace, drying road.


Choose 10 degrees higher than the actual temperature. According to the process requirements, calculate the actual requirements of temperature difference to ensure the effect of baking. For example: If the use temperature is 150 degrees, 220 degrees, 360 degrees, 440 degrees, according to the highest design temperature 500 degrees do. 4 temperature, if it is the same product. Control is best to choose SCR. Different products, the use of low temperature state, the temperature is slightly larger. 150 degrees and 220 degrees of actual use effect, no low-temperature oven good. Use medium temperature 500 degrees oven, 150 degrees baking temperature than low temperature 250 degrees to high 2 5d oven, but also to see the quality of equipment manufacturers.

Release material

How to put the product in. Can be layered to the oven, configure pallets, there is a network disk, solid disk, punching disc. More words can be used to rack, frame, but attention to a problem is the operator is convenient operation. For example: A high 1500-width 1500 depth of 850mm oven, if you do the baking tray items, you should consider the operator can take the problem. Many factory operators are girls, height is also 1500mm more, if you want her to lift the 1500*850 specifications of the baking tray, a bit difficult oh, not to say that the product to bake multiple.

Venue placement

If the oven is placed on the floor. Consider if you can enter the elevator.

In fact, there are some technical problems to be met. The oven does not have much technical difficulty, the structure is simple, it is easy to imitate. It is advisable to sign the technical Agreement for performance acceptance.