Harmfulness Of Electric Oven

- May 18, 2017-

For fried fritters cake, such as things, can not be placed in the microwave heating, because the high temperature oil will splash, cause open flame, this will not only damage the microwave oven, more dangerous. It is worth mentioning that, can not be used in ordinary plastic containers in the microwave oven heating, because the microwave oven temperature is relatively high, easy to make the container deformation, plastic decomposition of harmful to health chemicals.

The use of microwave oven or electric oven friends have some feeling, is the most beginning to use the time to grasp the temperature, it is easy to heat the moisture to dry, even scorch. If it is scorched, don't be afraid of wasting and insist on eating, it is a security hazard.

Baking oven food is good or bad, and quality is also related. As long as the quality of good qualified ovens will not exist this problem, because the production at the time will strictly control the quality of the oven, the formal business is not to sell inferior ovens. So it's best to choose big brands when buying.