Food Drying Equipment Needs To Be Strengthened By Market Demand

- May 18, 2017-

In recent years, China's food drying equipment in the domestic market share has reached more than 80% percent, the drying equipment is mainly used in food, agricultural processing, pharmaceuticals, mining metallurgy, chemical industry, forest products, light industrial ceramics and other industries, especially for food, fruits, pepper and other drying plays an important role.

Most foods are moist materials containing a lot of moisture, as food products, if the water content too much, can cause microbial life activities, and cause food corruption or shorten the preservation of food, and increase transport costs. Food processing includes the separation of raw materials, crushing, separating, mixing, sterilization, refrigeration and drying, and the drying process is a key link to ensure food quality. The drying treatment of food, can prevent microorganisms in food reproduction, easy storage, while reducing the volume and weight of food, thereby reducing transport costs.

In recent years, the demand for food drying equipment is increasing. In particular, vacuum freeze drying equipment, the large size of the equipment, with functional combinations (such as granulation-drying, drying-filtration) of the increasing demand, high-automatic drying equipment in some applications are also very popular. In addition, the appearance of good quality drying equipment, corrosion-resistant ability, long service life of corrosive materials drying equipment is also subject to the special attention of downstream enterprises.