Discussion On The Precautions Of Vacuum Dryer Before Use

- May 18, 2017-

1, vacuum dryer to use before the vacuum heating up.

2, as in the use of abnormal, odor, smoke and other conditions, please immediately shut down the power, the user should not blindly repair, should notify the company's repair department, by the professional to view repairs.

3, because if the first heating up and then pumping vacuum program operation, the heating of the air is pumped out of the time, heat will be brought to the vacuum pump, resulting in excessive vacuum pump temperature rise, it is possible to reduce the efficiency of the vacuum pump.

4, the use of vacuum before heating up, heating after the gas is directed to the vacuum pressure gauge, vacuum pressure gauge will produce temperature rise. If temperature rises exceed the temperature range stipulated by the vacuum pressure gauge, the vacuum pressure gauge can produce the indication error.

5, the vacuum drying chassis after the intake of the trachea with vacuum rubber hose to connect the vacuum pump power supply.

6, if long-term not, should unplug the power cord to prevent damage to the equipment. and should periodically (general quarter) according to the use conditions to run 2-3 days, to banish the electrical part of the moisture, to avoid damage to the device

7, plug in the power supply, control Wen Yi display number, and set temperature and heating mode (heating up to the full power of the heat stalls hitting 1, thermostat when the half-power heating stalls hitting 2).