The rapid development of drying equipment: independent research and development policy support

- May 18, 2017-

At present, China's drier industry is more distributed in the eastern region, because the eastern region is the first open area in our country, the economy is comparatively prosperous, and the industrial technology is more advanced. In recent years, with the rise of China's national economy, the continuous development of the Midwest, China's drying machine industry has also shown a trend towards the central region.

As we all know, dryer is an indispensable drying equipment in modern industrial production. China's dryer industry in a short span of nearly 30 years of development, has achieved remarkable results. In the 80 of the last century, the type of manufacturing drier in China was less than 100,000 species. After entering the new century, the type of dryer produced in China has reached 500,000 kinds.

In these decades of development, the dryer industry experienced from scratch, from small to large growth process. Although China's drier industry started late, but relying on China's chemical industry, medicine, food and other industries rapid development, China's drying machine industry market demand is enormous.

From the industry point of view, the drying machine industry development speed so fast, on the one hand, because the drying equipment industry constantly exploring innovation, to achieve independent research and development, on the other hand is the strong support of national policies. It is worth mentioning that the state not only in policy encouragement, financial support for the development of China's dryer industry, in the talent training, technical research and development also provides tremendous support.

Nowadays, under the impetus of the party and the state leaders, many universities in our country offer drying technology courses, and have specialized research institutes, for China's drying machine industry to convey a large number of talented people, for China's drying machine industry to provide a strong safeguard.