The competition pattern of large-scale drying equipment industry change

- May 18, 2017-

With the diversified economic development of the market, China's large-scale drying equipment has been basically realized flexibility, composite processing, in the future mainly to develop large-scale combined processing drying equipment for the development direction, namely, two units of the main composite processing equipment, because the need for large drying equipment to complete the machining parts for a single piece of small quantities, its process is complex, auxiliary time and long processing cycle, by a drying equipment to complete all machining processes are limited, and by two combination processing centers can be fully realized.

The world's large-scale drying equipment manufacturing industry competition pattern is changing, mainly manifests in the high concentration of the manufacturer, the product technology level disparity is getting smaller, the user individuation demand is prominent, the market demand develops from the quantity demand to the qualitative demand, to the large-scale drying equipment product technical requirements higher. And since in the 1990 of the 20th century, some well-known large foreign manufacturers have converted the gate, especially the world's leading German large-scale drying equipment manufacturing industry, due to the world drying equipment market long-term recession and decline, the world's large-scale drying equipment competitors relatively weakened, the domestic current large-scale drying equipment industry development situation can be said to be good

With the change of market demand, the domestic large-scale drying equipment industry competition pattern is broken, manufacturers from the original several development to dozens of manufacturers, and product technology development quickly, compared with foreign products, the gap is becoming smaller, China's heavy drying equipment industry development and progress, by the world's peers attach great importance.