Spray Dryer machine operation

- May 18, 2017-

1, before the boot, please confirm that the water, gas, electricity has met the equipment requirements; Please reconfirm all fasteners have tightened, check the door is firmly secured.

2, open the cooling circulating water, open the total control power (located on the wall), and control cabinet on the upper left corner switch, to open the freezer.

3, ready to inject nitrogen into the system: check three valves, V-3 (off), V-2 (off), V-4 (open).

4, the nitrogen pressure shut down, open the total valve, and then the pressure to adjust to 0.4MPa.

5, the System imports Nitrogen: V-101 (Open), V-102 (Open), V-103 (less open), V-106 (smaller, make its flow around 0.5%), regulate the triple filter between V-102 and V-103, making it pressure in 0.1MPa,V-104 (less open, pressure around 0.1MPa).

6, to the concentration of oxygen below the prescribed (3%), V-103 (off), V-2 (Open), V-4 (off), and then start the circulating fan 5-10 minutes, so that the oxygen concentration in 3% (the system does not leak).

7, open the atomization (frequency of 0HZ), open the electric heating, open feed pump, open peristaltic pump (temperature did not reach the set value, not feed), when the temperature reaches 100 ℃ (set temperature at 100 ℃ above), regulate the atomizer frequency to 30-40HZ.

8, when the hot air inlet temperature reaches the set temperature and stability, the frequency of the atomizer slowly modulation 50HZ. Open the peristaltic pump, spray solvents, so that the export temperature reaches the set value and stability (at this time can observe whether the solvent spray, export temperature changes).