Competition for survival and drying equipment industry needs to be fully integrated

- May 18, 2017-

With the foreign companies entering, the drying equipment manufacturing industry in China will face enormous competitive pressures. However, China's drying equipment manufacturers are mixed. Some enterprises have high starting point, adhere to the road of scientific and technological development, for drying industry to promote the development of the role; but there are also less investment, low technology content of "motley Crew", to a large number of low-quality, low-priced equipment crowding the market, not only affect the overall image of drying equipment, but also caused the domestic drying equipment price "infighting", there is a price war.

There are wolves in the tiger, China drying equipment industry to survive and develop in the competition, not only to take the road of science and technology development, but also to carry out comprehensive integration.

The integration of scientific research units and production enterprises. At present, China has dozens of universities and research institutes engaged in the development of drying technology, but most of the results of knowledge are not effectively translated into real productivity. Enterprises should be the main body of technological innovation, it must be directly with colleges and universities and scientific research institutes in various forms, so that resources can be reasonably configured and utilized.

Integration between production enterprises. Enterprises in the industry to take the road of strong alliances, in the industry to cultivate a number of technical strength, with well-known brands and independent intellectual property rights of large companies, enterprise groups. Jiang, Zhejiang, Shanghai Three relatively concentrated enterprises, can consider the use of joint ventures, cooperation, acquisition of the way to the Midwest to migrate, looking for broader business survival and development space.