Comparison of spray dryer and freeze dryer

- May 18, 2017-

Spray drying is a method of systematic technology applied to material drying. In the drying chamber will thinner after atomization, in contact with hot air, moisture quickly vaporization, that is, to get dry products. The method can directly make solution, emulsion drying into powdery or granular products, can save evaporation, crushing and other processes.

Its principle is through the mechanical action, will need to dry the material, scattered into a very fine fog-like particles, (increase the water evaporation area, accelerated drying process) and hot air contact, in a moment will most of the moisture removal, so that the material of solids drying into powder.

Spray dryer is instantaneous high temperature, moisture rapidly gasification, drying effect! At the same time, the spray drying particles more evenly, have a very good diaspora.